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2cm PDS Porcelain pavers are produced with a very dense type of clay using a technique often referred to as the ‘Dust pressed method’. The production process involves immense amounts of pressure and extremely high temperatures over long periods. This procedure removes almost all liquid from the clay forming a finished product that is extremely dense with very low porosity and absorption rate of less than 0.5%

A combination of high density, low porosity, and low water absorption makes porcelain an excellent choice for high traffic areas subject to stains, chemicals, and harsh treatment such as swimming pools and outdoor kitchens. Because 2cm porcelain is designed for outdoor use, it also has an anti-slip finish applied which creates a safe atmosphere in wet environments.

2cm Porcelain tiles can be installed over many different surfaces using traditional installation techniques but due to the extremely high point of load capacity guaranteeing an excellent load-bearing capacity and resistance to breakage, the 2cm porcelain can also be installed using the latest pedestal technology. The pedestal system enables the installer to hide water, gas, or electrical services without the permanent installation of the tiles. This offers the ability to access the services, provide for excellent drainage, and also offer the ability to easily replace the tiles in the event of a refurbishment.

Europe Imports can supply 2cm porcelain suitable for domestic or commercial applications in various formats including an array of profile solutions such as custom rebates, bullnose, and pencil round for swimming pool coping.


The beautiful Kansas range has a natural rustic pattern with smooth flowing undertones. Porcelain tiles are highly versatile and can add to the beauty of your home and outside area. Porcelain tiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor. They are ideal for swimming pools surrounds and coping thanks to their high slip resistance. 2cm Porcelain can also be bulldozed or rebated into the pool. The tiles can be used to create a decorative walkway in the garden and for paving a patio or balcony. With a whole range of colors and surface structures, porcelain tiles fit well to any color scheme, creating a design that is rich in variety and tone.

1cm Interior - Slip Rating R10

2cm Exterior - Slip Rating R11/B


The Topstone range can be suitable in many situations lending itself to uniformity in natural styles. The hues of this range can enhance other choices of surrounding or it can be the focal point of the project. The Topstone range is very versatile in its ability to merge with its surroundings.

1cm Interior - Slip Rating R10

2cm Exterior - Slip Rating R11/B

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