Litokol Epoxy


Litokol is an Italian-made two-component, Olympic swimming pool grade, acid-resistant epoxy grout. The characteristics of this product makes it one of the lowest maintenance, highly chemical resistant products on the market. Which means that it may be installed in kitchens where food is prepared due to its special, non-corrosive design.

At Alpha Building Supplies, we’re proud to offer a great range of waterproofing epoxies from this leading European manufacturer through our Melbourne store. Contact us for more information or to place your own order.

Litokol’s endeavours to promote innovative solutions for professionals in the construction industry and design world:

Since 1968 Litokol has extended its activity from the traditional tile sector to the broader building environment. Litokol's mission is to provide functional and precise solutions to meet the needs of building professionals. This means working with an open mind and a willingness to always look for the most functional and appropriate solution.

A careful selection of raw materials, meticulous management of the production chain and an efficient research and development department guarantee consistently high quality products conforming to European standards. Litokol adheres to ISO 9001-2000 certification.

Litokol today means a strong presence throughout Italy and in 75 foreign Countries; our customers worldwide are in touch with our headquarters for any need in terms of products, training and technical advices. Our range of products is a benchmark in several foreign markets, thanks to technical features, appearance, high quality and reliability.


Waterproofing epoxy professionals can rely on


Starlike epoxy is a two-component acid-resistant epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics with joints of 1 to 15 mm width. Patented product 05744761.7 B1.



The Galaxy, Spotlight, Gold and Night Vision additives, when mixed as a third component with Starlike create unique and exclusive grouting effects. From metallic to gold to glow in the dark, our epoxy additives are the perfect choice for anyone looking to make an impact with their space.



Liquid membrane ready for use in water-based dispersion, flexible down to -5°C, chlorine resistant, for waterproofing wet environments indoors and outdoors such as shower trays, swimming pools, balconies and terraces classed DM 01P as per EN 14891.



Single component high-performance cementitious adhesive with high deformation ability, low volatile organic chemical emissions, zero vertical slip and extended open time for the installation of ceramics, natural stone and mosaics on interior and exterior floors and walls.



Superwhite cementitious adhesive, enhanced, with zero vertical slip and extended open time for the laying of ceramics and mosaics indoors and outdoors on flooring and walls. Suitable for swimming pools, overlaying and heated flooring.